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The tides of the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia are the largest untapped source of zero-emission energy on the planet. The tides are so strong that no one has yet created a generator that can handle them. We need a fresh look and some new ideas that are outside the box, which will finally capture this massive 100% zero-emission source of energy.f your work. 


One of our favorite places to go boating is the Bay of Fundy. Launching from the ramp at Spencer’s Island, we can venture across the Bay to Cape Split, Blomidon Provincial Park, and Hall’s Harbour. Going east, we travel to Port Greville and Parrsboro. 


As a very fortunate survivor of three versions of cancer, I am pleased to add my support to the efforts of the Atlantic Cancer Research Institute. This organization is totally committed to finding treatments and cures for cancer of all types.

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