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Egyptian Women Know These Things....







The Honourable Nadia Ebeid, me, Secretary General of the Arab League of Nations Amre Moussa, my son Michael.

At one point, I accompanied Hon John Manley on a trip to Egypt and then Israel and Palestine.  While in Egypt, we visited a number of environmental projects and clean water developments funded partly by Canada.  The Egyptian Minister of Environment, the Hon Dr. Nadia Ebeid accompanied us for the day as she outlined her “River Nile Pollution Prevention Programme”.  Dr. Ebeid spearheaded this project which has restored the Nile River and is now free of polluted industrial waste discharge.  

Although we hardly spoke during the entire day, Dr. Ebeid came over to me at the end and sat down beside me for a chat that went like this: 

Dr. Ebeid:             “You will be interested to know that you and I have been together in the former life”

Me:                        “Huh??”

Dr. Ebeid:               “Yes, Egyptian women know these things… and you and I have been together in a former life”

I didn’t dare ask any questions, but I will take her at her word.   Dr. Ebeid later helped me make some connections in her role as Special Peace Envoy of the Secretary General of the League of Arab States….and with our friend Amre Moussa.  She has received many awards and a lot of recognition for her good work on the environment and in international relations.   And…she and I were together in a former life. 

Honourable Nadia Ebeid on the right, Hon John Manley next to her.  I am second from left. 

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